14/ 09/ 2020

Good time friends, it’s been a great deal of time I had not blogged.

How are you people? Hope all’s fine .

Well this blogpost comes up with a simple gesture that’s being asked normally as did I put on to all you lovely people out here, that

“How are you?”

Well, the answer to it most of the time comes as “I am fine”.

But have you ever asked yourself this very question and searched for the answer honestly?

What’s your answer to yourself is what all that matters!

The fact is we hardly get into introspective analysis of finding to know how are we really?

Are you fine?

Or more than or less than fine.

Or in between and or beyond that?

Find on !

As you start finding and evaluating, you would come to know what’s beneath your “I am Fine” surface.

Say “I am fine” for I did well in my college examination but “I am not fine” for I did not cleared my professional entrance examination.

Likewise, “I am fine” for my job’s promotion last month but “I am not fine” for the price hike that hits on my family budget.

So basically you term yourself fine on circumstances and mood swings and better than or not then that.

Go deeper …

Well , find on more !

I am fine ” for what well went my ways but “I am not fine” for what didn’t went well my ways.

And thus you would find some parts of you are fine for this and other parts of you are not fine for that and likewise!

And it goes on.

From asking “How are you?” to yourself would thus lead you to the key to finding your thinking pattern.

It helps you to estimate how’s your gratitude’s attitude quotient as well and also the varied colours of your emotional quotient!

All these tiny as well as big aspects of your “fine to find statistics” leads you to think so much and let’s you explore the very depths – the depths of your thoughts and perceptions, your moods and feelings, your emotions, your analysis and assessments of learning from your experiences and how you are cherishing your memories and likewise.

So this very question let’s you find how are you thinking, positive or negative. It goes on to find what’s your focus are on , are you focusing on the good or otherwise. And like this very question to yourself would help you find are you a grateful being or not, do you count on your blessings or do you highlight on your worries.

As much as are you honest in answering to find how are you would lead you to know many things about yourself and it would make you know and understand yourself and your thoughts and emotions better, it  would help you to accept your emotional responses and thinking processes better.

And this self digging would help you know how are you thinking, feeling, how are you upgrading and how are you degrading, it would help you find what’s needed to be changed for better; it’s  out and out an intimate processing of yours, a kinda SWOT analysis, discovering your strengths to root in and weaknesses to uproot on, opportunities for growing better and what’s your inner threats to overcome.

Thus answering the very question “how are you” to yourself is to know more than just “I am fine” to find the facts about you for knowing, exploring, discovering , rediscovering, understanding, accepting, upgrading and changing yourself for better.

So “How are you?”

Find on !

The Guests of Dis’honours’ …


Banani Das Chowdhury,


Who is the most important person in your life?

YOU !!!

But there are some guests of “honour”, who think you are not.

This blogpost is dedicated to felicitate them for their “valuable” moral guardianship role and injecting those “cheap” chips into psyche of yours and sometimes to your own guardians!

It might be starting with anything and end with making you feel so much “honoured”.

“How much did your daughter scored in Mathematics?”

This time also your son scored poor grades?”

You did medical coaching for one year, still not got in admissions there?

“You are wasting time in playing cricket, you should spend more time in studies.”

Your daughter completed her degrees, what she do now, when will she get married?”

“Your son passed from engineering still not doing MNC job?”

Five years to that you got your son married, still your daughter-in-law not getting pregnant?”

Your daughter still not got married, girls of her age are well settled in life.”

Your son got divorced for the second time, who will give their daughter for third time to him.”

You should adjust in your in laws place, that’s your real home.”

You are not understanding your family business, you should quit your artist job, how much would you earn with it?”

Your daughter is adamant in an age to play with her children she is playing with street children , get her know her limits.”

Your son should re-marry, his wife has not given him a son yet.”




And to these many more chapters included but the story is similar though not same varying from individuals to individuals!

But the core thing is these so called guest of “honour” in their all might take time and energy from the “precious” times of their life to invest in yours to show “care” towards you and your guardians to make you feel so much “honoured” with the price tag of being the vulnerable part of the society!

Score good Marks, get medical seat, become an engineer,get a job, do a job of their choice, marry a person of their choice, marry at right time, do a government job, don’t raise your voice, be voiceless to elders even if they do wrong, adjust in life, compromise, settle down , get pregnant, do as the society says and likewise ...”

If you are getting out of norms from their moral frameworks these guests of “honours” would keep bombarding you and your guardians with good many lectures to keep yourself “enriched” with.

And the vulnerables fall easy prey to these predators in society.

Your guardians and your relationship get strained.

You feel to commit suicide for these sets of unending melodramas.

You give in and compromise.

You leave your passion.

You marry early.

You stay in disturbing marriages.

You feel unworthy.

You unsettle everything in you to settle their so called “norms”.


If you understand yourself, you can express yourself ,you would stand by yourself, then your dear ones would understand you if they truly cares they would, even if not still you need to be your own self.

Next time these so called Guests of “honours” tries to ripen your or your guardians ‘brain mantle , make them understand your perspective and there to your guardians all you people should try understand your scions then judge their cases from “real” point of views.

And last but not the least to you all ” guest of honours” ,

You are being given a “bigger responsibility” for you show that you have the “biggest heart” to take so much “interest” and are so much “concerned” for every matters” happening in other people’s lives!

Instead of enquiring about who is scoring how much in whichever subjects to who is doing what job to whose scions are getting married or divorced and host of blahs and blahs and blahs, you have indeed bigger duties to perform of if you wish so.

Like show your concern for the street children who cannot go to school, feel the hunger of those who cannot get a single meal per day, look after the trees which need spaces to be planted and or grown, have a look over those animals and birds who needs friends to take care of, and likewise there are innumerable of beings and so much of issues you can spend your “precious” time to think for and or do something healthy of such issues!

If you really wanna show care with “suggestions”, “advices” show “real” concerns for “real” issues, that needs your voice and precious times.

And but otherwise for to you all guests of dis’honoursfor all your so called “investments of times and words” in all such “none of your business ” matters, the rate of interest with all the “compliments”

Thank you for your ‘genuinely’ ‘fake’ concerns”

RIP -Rethink it peacefully!!!


BY –


And today I want to convey how you matter over here!

You know I have had felt and still feeling many things which I wanna let you know.

Your existence is priceless.

Your biography is a master piece in the making.

I remember when your parents for the first time got to know you are coming how happy were they.

Your mother since then became so conscious of her every steps, the food she eat, the dresses she wear, her routines, her moods, her hygiene, her medical check ups , mental setup, nutrition levels , her work schedules and all activities each and everything started encircling over your well being.

Your father as a guard kept vigilance over your mother’s health as well as your healthy development, he became her strength, her support. He started saving for you since the day one of the news of your arrival!

Everyone who was touching their lives for all of them you started mattering since your growing inside your mother’s womb.

I have had witnessed your parents’ joy and happiness went on a high when you came to their earthly premise as a gift from the holy and divine.

Your birth became a boon to those for whom you matter since then.

Your first cry, your first smile and your every moment are being framed in their hearts.

Every night you cried they kept awake until they get you unto sound sleep.

You kept growing.

Remember when you first called mumma dadda?

I remember that blissful sound of yours which made your parents smile priceless.

Gradually your journey of life began with little steps.

Remember the first step you took?

Remember how many times you had fallen and scratched your legs to try to walk on?

You tried so many times.

You were so patient and consistent.

You were stupendous!

You finally began walking.

You turned a year old and they celebrated your birthday and since then every year in the growing up you waited for your special day to celebrate, get pampered with gifts and blessings.

With days and night passing by you started growing up in strides.

Your parents and guardians were so enthusiastic to send you school.

Remember the first day in your school?

Your mumma got you ready with tiffin box and water bottle, books and pencil rubber.

Your mumma and dadda both took you to school, you cried, they comforted you.

You started learning to read and write.

You took so much time to learn.

You kept trying, your parents, and your guardians kept holding you.

I am proud of your efforts, I am humble for your parents and guardian’s support all throughout your journey.

You started bonding with your parents, siblings, friends and all your dear ones, they love you and you love them too throughout your journey.

While growing up you have had faced and or facing a lot of issues, I know!

From marks to comparisons and competitions, from puberty to identity crisis, from crush to heartbreaks, from expectations to despairs.

Your first sound, your first cry, your first smile, your first word, your first try, your first walk, your first birthday, your first day at school, your first date, your first crush, your first love ,your first break up, your first medal, your first to consequent every steps, everything I really do feel the essence of your being through these experiences for I mirror you in all your phases to grow up.

Everytime you win I am here to whistle to cheer up for you, anytime you try hard yet met or meet hard luck I am to pat on your back to back you up.

Let me remind you are the light who comes out of the tunnel, you are the spring who comes after the winter.

You are a transforming phenomenon.

Like your first step took your consistency to begin walking, your failure is an opportunity to make learn consistency as a part of your growth.

You failed in examinations?

I tell you there’s always a next time.

You still fail don’t worry for there’s always a next time, there’s always a next phase.

You do what you feel to do.

Ok examination is not the end result of life for it’s a continuous learning process through life.

Marks cannot demark you, degrees cannot always make your career bright, there are no examinations which can classify your worth on the basis of grades.

Upgrade your self worth, keep trying.

School drop out?

Welcome to the school of life to learn.

Failing to meet the expectation of your guardians?

Look into their hearts, they still expect the best for you in all your well being.

Keep trying to expect the good in all your failures, you are not failing, you are learning to learn in different ways one more time, keep learning.

You got into bad influences and you are seeming there’s no way out?

Relax and open up.

Forgive and accept yourself, speak up.

Don’t worry if there’s a will, there’s a way out.

Your dear ones still have the heart to accept you and bring you out of the dark ditch you fell into.

Question yourself you want to desperately come out of it, then remember the whole universe has your back.

Lets hope for the light!

Suffering from peer pressures and identity crisis?

You are not alone, look into your heart and ask yourself what you love, what you want, what makes you happy, what makes you feel peace.

None can make you do what you don’t feel right to do, learn to say “No”.

Do what makes you feel good, you are one of a kind, you are unique, you are not amongst the crowd.

You are losing out your mind ?

Sit, don’t rush!

Let your mind talk, you listen.

Feel the void, you would feel calm.

Your heart broke, relationships failing, got divorced, singlehood sucking, pre marital pressures hitting hard, marital discomfort ailing?

I know it pains, confide in me, I am listening.

I understand, I am with you.

And I just want to let you know your heart is alright, place your hand upon it and lemme make you listen what it says, “You are alive”.

There’s more for your life to give your heart to, open up and embrace life.

Your heart is whole and you love yourself.

Love is everywhere and also within you.

Love starts with you.

Your parents, dear ones holds their pieces of heart within yours, keep it alive for those whose hearts beats for you and last but not the least keep your heart alive for your heart beats for you.

Your heart still loves you to beat 24*7 for you!

Your efforts are failing to secure your first job and or lost your current job and or your career suffering a mid life crisis, suffering from debts, financial instability?

It happens!

Pour out your mind.

I can understand those frustrations building up.

I acknowledge your aspirations seeming to end up in smoke.

I can relate to that unease that your wallet and bank balances are getting thinner.

Do what you feel it right, there’s always a way out, there’s always hope for your seeds to harvest in.

Keep the faith on.

The society judges you, your dear ones compares you, your superiors bullies you, your partner mistreats you, your children abuses you, people wrongs you?

Its their thoughts, its their actions, it defines their definition of them, its not your image, its not your reflection, its not in your control and it cannot control you.

You have only responsibility to yourself and your thoughts, your actions, your reactions, your rightful course.

I know it hurts but you came in this world on your own, your world is your creation, you need to hold your grounds green on your own strength, picture yourself, you are all the worthy and beautiful in your own right.

And likewise I am one with the situations you are facing or faced on.

There can be moments that crush you, don’t fear the storms.

When you could patiently wait in your mother’s womb for those months to come out to life, when you could learn walking with consistency, when you learned to speak the first word after continuous trials, when you could learn to read and write after trying on so much and likewise I can assure you these all are challenges to make you learn, each attempts you fail there would be ample amount of times knocking your door sometimes as challenges other times as opportunities to make you learn, giving you the space to grow, to learn , to fail, to rectify your shortcomings, to shape and reshape you. Such phases are here to make you more harder as a nut to crack!

And most of the times you overlook me so you might doubt who am I to write for you your story, its beginning and not making to let you end your story.

But I keep on taking account of your steps, I value you, I count on you and I want to tell that you matter here, you can do it, you can calm the storms, you can cross the oceans, you can move the hills and the mountains, you can transform your glooms into shine what it takes just one thought to start with “Believe” and two words following it to believe  “in yourself”

Believe  in yourself!

And that’s why I know your journey from intimate levels, you are open to me, I know your strengths, your weaknesses, I know your potential, I know your worth.

You are a butterfly in the phase of a caterpillar, you are a night in the way towards dawn.

I just wanna remind you again that you matter here, every words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, chapters of your biography on the move are here to guide you towards your natural course.

You might be facing or faced shits on to think its all over but its not.

Your parents still love you, your siblings still would share every laughs and cries with you, your friends still cares for you, your partner still holds you, your children still wants your pampering, your dear ones still put you close to heart, your world still needs your existence, this world still needs your presence, your lord still want you to stay over here and I just wanna convey I am with you in all your lights and shadows for I am the mirror you look into everyday, I am in your soul, I am your very soul, I am you and you are me.

I give you hope you would pass it through all.

I am listening, confide in me.

I acknowledge and accept you.

I am proud of you.

I am thankful that you exist.

Your presence here is worthy.

And don’t forget I am here with you.

You are not alone.

We would get it through all that life has to offer and you have to offer to it.

Lets commit to live!!!





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“I want to go home, when you would come mummy? Now would you come daddy? I want to go home, home sweet home, take me home, take me home!”

This must be the heartfelt prayer of those little hearts whose tender heartbeats deserves the embrace of a mother, whose tiny hands needs the hold of a father to get nourished to grow under the shade of a sweet home.

When the couples are blessed with a baby their lives revolves around nurturing their scions.

Blessed are those who get this eternal gift to create life and bring these bundles of love on earth and equally blessed are those too who become gifted with the blessing of rearing a baby!

Sometimes life seems so strange, some couples wishes for the gift of scions but could not give birth to this happiness and then there are many of those innocent bundles of love , little babies who on the other side remains untouched craving for love from parents.

Love is wanting on both sides and but love can be fulfilling to both sides too.

Love is abundant, yet the channels being unconnected many a times. 

Sometimes there’s blockage in perception and other times unavailable or uneasing channels makes adoption a rare case.

Centuries and times ago Lord Shree Krishna had played this miracle of there’s no difference between Devki and Yashoda, the former being his biological mother and later being the one who raised him.

A mother is a mother. A father is a father. A child is a child.

Love has only one language – love!

I still remember visiting an orphanage when I was at early teenage, it was a religious institution, those little bundles of love blooming in that garden of shade.

Some authority over there was letting know that couple willing to adopt comes to see them and that raises  a hope in them. It left a deep impact upon my psyche then!

Sometime back somewhere in my acquaintance, they were discussing about an orphanage, where kids were staying and being taken care well, these little bundles of love, the babies live with that eternal hope in their hearts, that one day their mother, father would come and take them home.

It left a deep mark within, it felt tearing the heartbeats, they are so innocent, these little bundles of love don’t they deserve all the love in this universe?

One of the most purest creation of almighty is a baby.

Those organisations which are doing such noble works of responsibly taking care of such little bundles of love under their shade of care are indeed guardian angels and fairies in disguise. Those organisations which are carrying the work of being mediator to get connected such babies to their prospective parents are worth infinite applause!

The scenario been changing in good health over the years. Adoption of children being in welcoming steps!

I get nostalgic to remind of an incidence when in my later teenage, we went to an acquaintance’s home, who adopted a baby. It felt so loved seeing that baby blooming in shade of love. He was in his new born stage when they adopted him, they were childless couple since long and to fill their home with the fragrance of a baby were their long cherished desire. 

When we saw the kid, he was in almost a year old. age. All happiness around it felt looking at that little munchkin’s face.

That felt like a home that was wanting for love to enter , when they opened their arms in the wide range of universe, finally their hearts found way to bring home this little bundle of love.

To add another such incident, met a teenage girl amongst an aquaintance. Her parents were childless since long . She come into their life as little fairy in her tender months. And to see her grown into a blooming bud must be so cherishing for her parents.

Then there are some angelic souls who being graced with the fruits of children too feels to sow seeds of hope under the shade of their tender care!

Like another of an aquiantance, they were moved to see a tender baby who usually used to come to their home with his mother, who was their domestic help. They felt to sponsor the child’s education and take his responsibility till he becomes independent. Now that little boy is a grown up to became an engineer in due course, and more to that as a good being, he still address that couple as mother , father!

Its though not a case of adoption fully, but witnessing that incidence makes feel that how a little hand being holded in shade of love can blossom with fruits of hope.

Well in another instance ,I reminisce that one of our professors during a chitchat was casually discussing with us, how many of us in later life have in our mind to adopt a girl child, well let gender issue remain ungendered over here. But that day I saw many amongst us raised their hands atleast they harbor this wish to do so sometime, it felt welcoming!

All babies are god’s children, carrying the same essence of innocence and pure love.

Its unwelcoming even to imagine that any child be craving for parental nurture and equally it pierces heart that any couple be ungraced off the touch of their children’s love!

But then its heartening to except there are such tender souls who needs the shield of parental love to bloom in utmost care. And so there are many such beings whose house wants to inhouse all the innocence and naughtiness of such little bundles of love!

Wish every baby be nurtured under parental shade, wish couples on wanting side be rearing these bloomsters. Let love encircles both sides!

In the face of a child we can see god, how gifting it be to rear a child, its equivalent to serve god, afterall who is god, god is in every soul!

This world is somewhere an imbalance between haves and have nots.

Equal distribution is wanting, equilibrium needs to be reached.

Barring aside other matters, lets deep think over here about adoption of a child.

It would so welcoming step when childless couple rear a child, it would be equally a boon if couple with child/ children capable of rearing a child in all respects, and individuals capable of adoption in all aspects they also rear atleast one child under their shade.

In this connecting linage, these little bundles of love would get their safe haven and couples would get blessed with the gift of rearing a seedling unto a tree.

Drop by drop oceans are made. One adoption , one life secured. And likewise it would fill the mighty ocean.

It makes a healthy difference to life of that child who deserves all the love from this universe.

Let all these little bundles of love get their garden of hope to bloom.

Let the heavens grant this wish of those little hearts who deserve the solace of sweet home!

And let the earth listen to the prayer of all those little heart filled in this eternal hope –

“Come Mummy , Come Daddy, I have been long waiting for your arrival, now come on, now come on, take me home, take me home, now lets go home, our sweet home !”




Your heart is magical. You think it is so tender and vulnerable but you know not how hard nut it is. It shields you and helps you to recover every time you think it is breaking into pieces. You can clean your shits, you can heal your hell, you can for your heart is humane sweetheart !

Each time you face something that pisses you off, you think you are at the end of the world, in your own struggles you see all darkness, and there all the tape recorder of past aches, present turmoils or future fears and uncertainties comes to the surface to make your ways hard to heal back.

You literally think this phase is here to stay and you overlook the underlying power within you to rebuild back in.

You search for all external supports , you feel hurted, you feel unloved, any tinch of provocation breaks you more and more, all the series of doubts and fear haunts to add further miseries to the devastation you went and or are already going through.

Moments like this you become so numb, you become so vulnerable, you forget everything good that happened with you, you forget those struggles you successfully passed through before. It was the same you who thought before facing the ordeals that you would not see the light at the end of tunnel, but it was the same you who fought through those faces and emerged stronger back. You are a fighter!

Every time you felt broken, it was you who geared up at your space and pace to gather those parts of yours and assembled back. It was the same you with whom so many good moments and blessings was being graced upon. Count on your blessings. Count on your struggles. Count on the you !

Where you think it’s the end, its actually a beginning, a beginning to re-look yourself in new light, a beginning to observe yourself up-close, a beginning to introspect your phases from higher perspective!

Those closer to you would extend a supportive base, and of-course you need that anchorage, but ultimately you have to deal with your own demons.

For many how many days, weeks, months, years or lifetimes you would hold yourself back?

This self-pity, self-hatred and hurting self and others would not lead you anywhere but it would take you away from your own soul, the path, the journey and destination!

Everywhere you will find unease, you will continue blaming the beings and things who caused and or causing you harms and hurts knowingly and unknowingly and wait on others’ validation to seek solace.

If others extend support you feel a mental ease but for how long?

Its like a pain killer, giving you momentary relief but all the hurts , all the blame would start hitting you back and the same series of being a victim syndrome would hit you back, for you are being prone to vulnerability!

These bandages of covering up ain’t making you ready to heal, its gonna stay there all the years till you open it up all!

Well yeah its indeed necessary for a handful of soulmates to hang around yours , they can be your support base, they make you believe in you when you struggle hard to believe in yourself but then the core is within you, no external support brings you healing to your deepest and or oldest hurts ever until you heal it at its roots to uproot its roots!

They can be a catalyst and in such cases its indeed a holy grace to be bestowed with but then they can be a sign board in your path but its your journey to move in that direction, you can heal for you are being made that way, your heart knows the way to the home inside yours!

Every hurts you have faced and or facing are deeply rooted in your psyche, you have not forgiven yourself for allowing those to hell you and you continue doing this.

Let all the wrongs happened to and or by you rest in peace so you can live with peace.

You are a human, you have a heart, you are not iron, even the iron rusts.

Its ok for you to feel pained, its ok for you being humiliated , belittled, broken, hurted, failed and blah blah blah and it all made you feel unworthy is also being natural.

Yet my dear you have bypassed those phases, its all there in those moments, don’t carry those walls with you forward, just forgive those storms, let it all pass by!

Those who made a mockery of you for your bad handwriting don’t know its unique, those who belittled you for raising a question don’t know know your mind is incredibly inquisitive, those who have defined your values on the basis of your marks and certificates, success and failures in careers, being single or going through disturbed relationships, or marital discomforts, or divorces or child issues and whatsoever be the phases you go and or are going through , they don’t know you are beyond your face and phase value.

Dear you its their perspectives, its their actions which reflects their images, its not in you!

They know not your worth! They know not your journey! They know not the you!

But do you know yourself enough?

Its you dear who needs your own validations, in the moments you go deep into your being, you will find your own answers, your own truth. Embrace it!

Everything starts with you.

Be naked enough to clad your soul.

You cannot get a time machine and correct all the wrongs done to you or by you, but yes you can make peace with it, you can learn, unlearn, relearn everything from a perspective beyond pairs of opposites.

Its easier said than done!

But you have to deal with your own demons, you have to clean your own shits, you have to face your own darkness to seek and find light inside yours.

No its not ok to ignore and overlook, and keep dressing your unhealed hurts in at the debris of pseudo strength. Why camouflage your emotions, ok don’t show it to others, but why to hide from yourself?

Affirm and re-affirm and keep reading it out loud so that it pairs up in your DNA base sequences that you deserve all that is needed to make you feel that you are special for who you truly are at the core and make peace at yourself to meet yourself bare at that corner!

Cry out as a baby, yeah get it right cry out, it so simple yet difficult, flush it out, talk to a confidant if not then to yourself or the higher self whatever you feel connected to, open your heart bare to that connect, let your hurts be open there, undressed and way to heal there.

When you face aches, one thing you forget that when it hurts, you need to heal!

And you can heal your shits only when you sit with it.

Introspect !

You are a brave-heart !

Love yourself !

Love is the answer!

Embrace love and heal!






Everyone are here somewhere living their own battles, struggling their own phases, even if we all can’t solve each others’ problems but we can became each other’s strength in fighting over our weak phases!

None are the criminals here standing out in the court of so called society and then who are these so called moral guardians who thinks they have the right to judge?

Who are we to judge?

That unseen power has made us all equals and capable of achieving our level of soul growth.

We look towards people at surface level and start judging, we start equating their pains and gains, we start equating their physics, chemistry and biology, we start calculating their mathematics and begin rewarding or wrath upon their worth just on the basis of their surface level.

How deep we go to feel their pulse, how much can we look beyond their exteriors to envision their scars, their ordeals, their soul path’s all the thorns and pebbles and likewise?

Its very easy to compare them in the radar scale and write them off and label their designation as winner or loser.

We can look at the cocoon but not the developments taking place inside it which has every potential to let them transform into a beautiful butterfly. If we cant help them transform, if we cant help them with encouragement, then who gave us the right to kill the daredevil inside them.

When we belittle anyone we don’t become huge, its not their real definations and designations, it’s the reflection of our own thoughts.

We all are connected, yet we feel disconnected, for we make barriers in our hearts to open up and so we cant see each other as the way we are at the core level.

We start judging others on the basics of genders, age, education, careers, relationships, marital status, bank balance, sexual orientation, dressing sense, limit of their freedom and so called societal standards and blah blah blah. We make a chart on the basis of all these and many more and whoever doesnot fulfill the criteria we start labeling them and start moral policing and convicting them of cases god knows how it all makes sense.

One out of 10 can listen to their heart and follow their soul path.

Their path, their journey might be different than rest of others, they might struggle hard to navigate proper on the way, lose sight of goal, buck up and again try harder to progress on.

We see through our eyes and think about all those society marked ‘labels’, when we see it’s not fulfilled we start judging them on the basis of their unfulfilled criteria. We forget that they too are human, they have their own stories, they have their own growth level, they have their own learnings, own progress clock.

A baby of 10months learning and taking baby steps swiftly and that’s so rejoicing for the mother. And sometimes a baby of more than 3years walks slow yet steady, but the mother stays patient.

Then why we lose patience and become so swift to jugde others. We are not their parents or guardians, even if we are literally, still every human have their own level of progress, their own time clock.

Instead of judging others, we should look into our ownself and invest our energies in self growth. There’s more for us to offer into this word other than to making things difficult for others to progess.

If we can , we surely can help those who needs our help. Its easy to be fire to burn things out. Its not easy yet not too difficult to be the light that enlightens the world.




Our single act of encouragement can help them sustain their strength, fuel up their endurance, uplift their soul spirit, can amplify their vibes, speed up their progress to help them reach their level of growth.

Let’s not jugde.

Let’s be empathetic.

Let’s stand for each other.

None here is early.

None here is late.

It’s all about the journey.

It’s all about learning from each other.

Let’s be a candle in each other’s darkness.

Let’s not be the hand which points fingers.

Let’s be the hand which pats shoulders, lends supports and holds each other strong.

Let’s make each other feel we are not alone.

We all are one with each other.

Let’s make the path comfortable for one another.

Let’s be an empath !

And YOU can do it … Hang on !





Life is a game which is damn unpredictable. Yes that’s the most exciting assurance life provides us with!

Celebrate your existence. Live every moments being strong as you love yourself more to anything that make you weak enough to breathe!

Your life is a miracle. You are not an accident that happened by chance.  You are the greatest mystery of the universe.

You came into existence for you have a role to play, a purpose to fulfill, a dream to live for. You are a gift to yourself and so to the whole world.

You are not the episodes that gone or going weak in your life play.

None and or nothing can judge you, you have to know your own self worth!

Love, respect and accept yourself; you are beyond the faces that belittle you; you are beyond the phases that breaks you. You are stronger than your weaker experiences!

You know something you are unique and special, remember that!

You are not the echoes of the world set rules and regulations . You are your own voice, the tiny voice that says you are a mighty spirit to live like you are alive for being graced to be alive.

Your life is precious. What and who’s holding you to bang on heart to feel doomed as if there’s be no tomorrow and the sweet cuckoo would’nt sing for you the songs of the upcoming spring? You yourself!

I can feel your pain and I am one with what you went through or and going through. But yet my dear be stubborn enough to play on the game!

Life is one and there’s be hardly a luck by chance to be another, don’t leave the play half-hearted.

Wear the sportsperson spirit. Be in the pavilion. Stay strong!

You are deserved enough to play on this unpredictable game for you know dear this journey called life is full of pleasant surprises and gifts and the best is yet to come!

Stay rooted on your own grounds. You are a braveheart!

I know sometimes it tough enough and it seems there’s no way out of these phases, but trust me there is, where there is will there is a way.

Do you will it to live, you have to, for its worth it, hang on!

Do what makes you feel alive.

Concentrate on the number of times you are exhaling and inhaling.

Exhale gloom! Inhale hope!

Do what you can to reset from being upset that which can up to set your mind!

You wanna cry out loud, just cry like a baby till you feel like it fluxed out and just flash it like you never did cried ever.

You wanna talk and share with a confidant what you went or and going through, just go ahead .

Ok on the other side if you don’t wish to share or don’t have any confidant , be confident enough to share it all to your own self or the nature, divine whoever you address to or might be a diary and just burn all those scars into ashes as if all your issues never existed!

You have an indomitable spirit living inside yours.


Spend time with anyone and anything that uplifts your spirit!

Journal your thoughts!

Spend time with nature, upclose observe her phenomenon. Believe me you would learn unlearn relearn through her and feel so much open up and feel rejuvenated!

Feel your breath!

Place your hand upon your chest , look you are alive, your heart is beating!

You wanna pick up a hobby to consume your creativity into it, just do it.

Do whatever you want that makes you feel relaxed and recharged but just remember one thing, you got to be here in the pavilion of life and most importantly for your own self.

Do you know how many innumerable cells within your being loves you?

When you get hurted and blood flows out of the wound, did you noticed how the blood clots in all its might to let heal your wounds. Your entire immune system works in your favour always and all for your well being. All your organ systems works relentless for you, your heart beats for your existence, did you ever listened to its music? Do you know how much precious is your breath for the universe. Damn it all it took nine months to form your being, just once feel it deep inside, how magical was your growth to be formed into life. You are  a living magic!

There’s more to your life than you think its over to quit it. Just don’t quit!

If you are feeling drained out just take a deep breath and feel it in all your might that the entire universe is working in your favour and believe it that’s working so like all the cells, tissues and organs inside your being is working all for your well being!

Every battle is all in your mind. 99% of all your worries are just mere ifs and buts!

If you cannot rest your mind to self -talk, don’t be its puppet, it knows only that much what you provide the information with.

If you wanna think just think positive or don’t think at all, just stay calm, if you cannot do that, just observe as if you are watching a movie, detach! Train your mind to envision that you know you can do it if you just hang on! Be an adamant optimist!

I know you are going through hell or gone through hell but my dear as I said the game of life is unpredictable , damn exciting it is, you never know but you gotta trust that your breakthrough is near by, trust me it is, as long as you hope, miracles happens.

Releasing yourself from the hold of your breath won’t give you nirvana nor would it solve all your worries and queries but it would just take you somewhere from where you cannot come back even if you wish to.

No matter if none ever told you but yet remember it in all your senses that you are bold , beautiful and magical; you are strong , positive and powerful; you are blessed , you are loved, you are luckiest; you are worth the best life has to offer, just take a deep breath, all be well, all is well.

Hold on, life is taking a U-turn as YOU take a turn on it with open arms.

Be patient.

You can do it.

 Just say YES to LIFE!

Cheers !

For you are with yourself !

And you know who you are !


23/07/2018 …..

Who are you?

Well before you answer taking into account your caste, sex, age, religion, education, profession, relationship/marital status, sexuality, or nationality and blah blah blah, take a deep breath, look within, dive deep inside and think and answer to yourself who are you?

You are not the parameters that define you.

You are you, you are yourself and you are so much important to yourself than you think everything else is.

You came in this world as an embodiment of energy. Your soul is residing inside yours for a unique soul path to traverse through life.

You are precious. You are unique. You are power.

Before you relate to the world outside, resonate to the world inside. Everything starts with you. The outside world you see is a manifestation of what you imprint inside.

From an embryo your cell growth started and your body got formed from inside the womb. Life begins from inside. And so does everything creates from inside!

You are energy. Every beings and every things are but manifestation of one cosmic energy. You are connected to this thread of whole cosmos.

You are yourself god. You are yourself devil.

You are a magnet. You become your past, present and future with your thoughts. The inner mind is both your powerful boon as well as your weapon of self destruction.

Your whole life is a creation of your thoughts and beliefs.

If you go deeper into the realms of metaphysics or and even believe in the concept of reincarnation yet everything is centering around energy, thoughts, karma and its effects. The scriptures too had written about the power of thoughts over ownself. Like ‘Yad bhavam tad bhavathi’. What you think you become.

Thoughts are sacred. In thoughts are the secrets. Thoughts attracts blessings. Thoughts brings curses. You and your experiences becomes an accumulation of your such thoughts and beliefs that most of the times you had created and are creating ignorantly.

Stay aware. You are creating. Everything starts with you!

You are such a power house of creations. Thing is that most halves of your life you remain unconscious of that power inside yourself and you keep on seeking approvals and denials from others.

Everything starts, continues, ends and regenerates in you. When you dwindle your faith in self or did hardly had or have ever such belief in your own convictions you give in out and out to the clouds of situations that overcasts your life.

When you feel lost from yourself , many a times you would find yourself feeling to give in to others. You feel to give up on yourself.

When you give in to others you become a vehicle of their think tank. They would put you unto parameters you would not fit in. Its not their faults. Its your responsibility to discover, rediscover your uniqueness.

For an e.g if your heart is with arts and humanities, why would you put your mind to mechanics and electronics.

A crow cannot be parrot. A mango cannot be apple. That doesn’t mean you are not worth anything. You are special for you are unique.

And likewise it comes to every spheres of life.

Stand for what you believe in. Hold it on with the root of good thoughts and in deep faith. Give in to your this belief!

When you give up on yourself, you become a byproduct of your own created ignorant thinking cycle. The challenge is not to own the world outside, the only growth is to master the art of thinking and be in communion with your world inside.

Give up to any thoughts and beliefs that makes you feeble to stay upright to yourself! Never give up on yourself. You are worth of becoming your best self.

Change is the only constant and let the change starts with you. Let every move of your self growth makes a good change in you for good.

And the best thing about your life is time. Every moments of time is a nascent chance for you to make a healthy change in your thoughts and beliefs. The moment you decide to reform inside you do start reforming.

Accept yourself the way you are. Listen to the little voice within yourself. When you think, consume and do what makes you feel good, you become a magnet of good energy. When you align with the right dimension of energy of the cosmos within you, you will feel your true potential. You can move moutains. You can create, uncreate, recreate whatever you feel good about in positives.

Its always about you. The best friend and worst enemy you can have ever is you yourself.

You get lifted by uplifting others. You cannot rise by pulling others down.You are your own competitor.

In deep mind level you have created your life so far and best part of it is you can always reset your life with your healthy thinking.

You learn, unlearn, relearn through your experiences, every moment it is that nascent opportunity to let you revalue your life. Delete, Undo Reset your thinking. Reinstall you in bright light.

Once my friend said ‘everything is energy’, the knowledge he acquired from reading Vedanta. What he said I felt it deep. And what is good about the phenomenon of energy that even our basic knowlegde of school science makes us learn ‘Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed it can only be transformed from one form to another’.

You feel low in energy, recharge and get transformed!

You are given a life to experience it from core level. Body is subtle. Your soul is ever young to start on with anything you feel good about. If you feel good in energy , the aura around yourself attracts all the positivity and vice versa!

Commit to bettering yourself. Dig in yourself, invest in your good feels, do what makes you feel free.

You are not to be accepted by world, you need to be first accepted by yourself. Love, respect, accept yourself as the way you are.

Compare yourself not with others. You are your own body. You are your own soul. You are your own story. You are your own destiny.

Yes compare but to the earlier versions of yourself and keep updating!

You have the right to say no to anything that inhibits your soul growth.

You have the right to say yes to anything that accelerates your heartbeats.

No definations of others defines you, you yourself are defining, undefining, redefining yourself every moments.

Breathe free. Rejoice in open. Embrace yourself in no filter.

You are the thoughts you believe in. You are beliefs you hold on. You are the energy you attract. You are infinite. You are free in will. You are universe. You are your own worth. You become what you limit and unlimit yourself to.

You are the you, thats your power, thats your growth, thats your introduction!

And ‘HOPE’ keeps you ‘ALIVE’ …



Every life has a story to tell, a lesson to teach, a motivation to live.

Writing over here about those sections of inspirational beings from whom my faith in hope strengthens and patience in hope survives.

This write is about how I read through their hopes to get inspired !

Travelling through train of life or passing through the traffic jam in life on road or observing life at standstill , I met their hopes in midst of despair or at plain talk, their struggle for survival!

Its been long times, some scenes, some faces I captured inside the lens of heart and I wanted to share this one lesson I learned from these magic- harbinger of hope.

Since childhood, I remembered some voices that striked my being like- while travelling through train, and coming across hawkers shouting slogans round the compartments selling their stuffs, say “Mumphali time pass” (groundnut timepass) , “Chai Garam”(hot tea) and likewise kinda other such creative slogans that felt catchy.

What touched then at tender age could find its own observation since growing years.

Its not just about them, likewise those other hawkers over there too who are in those train of life running at a go everytime to run life keeping hopes alive, they are all indeed inspiring.

Some out of conversations sometimes have had shared instances of how their life runs through these survival strategies.

A person selling tea and coffee over one route of this train of life shared once a while his daily life how goes from running with survival kit –tea coffee stuffs, from station to station and train to train, his life goes on with the hope to survive a life of dignity, some days he would return home and some days would spend at railway platforms all in the hope to catch the next train and there he keeps on reviving his hopes to give a better life to his family and himself.

This story had deeply touched and its not a single story of survival in this platform of life. There are yet many that could be penned down.

Everytime, every journey by train in life had those reminiscing moments where we learn through them and get inspired in return.

I also remember, listening these voices in that tender age like “Har ek maal lelo” (every items you can take/buy) .

Their selling strategy being ear catching and now to recollect those instances I find the hope appeal in their those catchy voices.

Carrying loads of different stuffs on a cart or sometimes upon shoulders or head when these beings kick start their day they have nothing with them but hope, that one hope fuels their being to survive.

Likewise crossing streets, or at a standstill or stuck at traffic jam ,it finds loads of these inspirational beings crossing our paths.

Being stuck at such a traffic jam, I captured inside some of these hopeful life lessons.

Once I came across a kid might be a tween, in an age to learn he was selling books, all those cute cartoon or comic books he was carrying with, from one car to another , crossing busy streets of life with smile upon his face. This kid, his untold story left mine heart with loads of lessons and yet so much of questions. What I learned from that smile upon his face is “hope”- smile of “hope” and that made my heart melt with smile in that very hope.

Another time, being stuck at traffic, my eyes caught sight of an old man, selling books. Busy streets and such traffic jams , and he was pursuing to sell hopes, with feeble body but unshakeable spirit, salute to this enthusiasm and never say die approach to life.

Then another story of survival caught candid into my heart. Yet another young spirit though feeble at fighting old age ailments. This gentleperson’s sense striving tagline voice often I listen when he makes a round on those residential areas with a hope to earn in that quest for a better survival.

He masters the art of repairing “pressure cooker and gas stove” ailments, with his ear catchy slogan he cheers up along the way in his native tongue as “Bhal koribo gas chulha” “Bhal koribo pressure cooker” (Anyone want to repair “gas stove pressure cooker” utensil). Its been some many years to see this person, growing more and more feeble in body, he could not walk properly, but what did not changed over these years is that strong hopeful appeal in his voice “Bhal koribo gas chulha” “Bhal koribo pressure cooker”!

The pressure cooker situations in life how to keep calm and whistle at hope learned and learning and keeping a track of its notes in soul’s diary from these inspirational beings sometime or the other.

These scenes preludes the story of hope ,in moments of weakness the insights gained through those lessons taught through them just fuels up the spirit in life.

Never Give up!

Next time, when passing through the train of life, or standing at still or being stuck at traffic, you see them crossing your path selling through their hopes with all that candid slogans, stop by at heart, look into their soul’s lens, read their story without words and get inspired by what lessons they teach us without a fee.

For their untold stories … has a message of “hope” for us to read !!!

And…I wanna say THANK YOU infinite !!!


18/11/2017 …..

Andall these moments since the time you came to mine are framed perfect in this heart evergreen

Remembering all those scenes and sequences unfolding our eventful journey together makes the lens nostalgic

Our love story all the way being so miraculously rolling on frame by frame

The way we came across each other and the crowds stood at a still

That open space wrote our saga of love by universes magical pen and cupids threw that one dice to make our hearts become one in love

Words of gratitude always tries to ink the saga of our love in poems infinite within

Yet I feel that mine feels be uncaptured in words…

With every frame of seconds rolling on I wanna say you thanks

With every breaths I take I wanna say you thanks

Yet… I can‘t thank you enough in words but still really I wanna thank you enough in words as well as beyond words

and…always each and every moments in this life and lives after lives till eternity meets time I wanna keep on saying thank you and express it all that how grateful am I to you for being here on earth for mine

Thank you infinite